aspiração capitalista

There are many people who, having amassed fortunes, are seem under the grip of a kind of compulsion. They must turn ten million into a hundred, a hundred into a billion, and so on. This is what Marx called “fetishization.” Later thinkers, like Adorno and Fromm, would have said that such a person is still trying to escape capitalism — only they don’t know how, the poor things. They are trying to buy love, affection, belonging, meaning, and purpose, they are trying to win the very same self-discovery and self-realization our genteel bourgeois is after, devoting his life to literature or art once he has made his money, with a bigger yacht, mansion, and bank account. But you cannot really buy those things — in this world, or the next. So it’s true to say that mega-capitalists aren’t exactly monks — but I don’t think that means they’re not also trying to escape capitalism, too. They’re just trying to buy their way out.

daqui: If the Point of Capitalism is to Escape Capitalism, Then What’s the Point of Capitalism?

um raciocínio interessante, apesar da conclusão genérica e vamos todos dar as mãos e fazer arte. ou: mais uma contradição pra conta do capitalismo? a velha história de trabalhar mais pra pagar alguém pra cuidar dos filhos porque você trabalha mais e não tem tempo pra cuidar dos filhos etc.

a que viemos?


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