olivia who?

profile photo my name is Olivia Maia; I’m a Brazilian writer, artist and sometimes the worse artisan in the history of artisanship. you can get in touch via telegram, matrix or email.

find me on the internet

mastodon (microblogging): eldritch.cafe/@olivia
twitch (drawing streaming): twitch/shadnyex
peertube (art videos): share.tube/@olivia
photog.social (photos): photog.social/@olivia
liberapay (support my work): liberapay/nyex


check out my art! everything available on this website is released under a CC-BY-SA license, which means you can download all drawings you want, print them and hang them on your wall, send them over to your friends and family or even use them on your own work, as long as you give me proper credit and don’t change the license.

most of my website is in Portuguese but you can still check out my inktober drawings, or perhaps download some free zines and practice your language skills.

come watch me make drawings and miniatures and other weird things on twitch or check some drawing timelapse vídeos on my peertube channel!

if you like my work and would like to send me a gift or support me, you can do so on liberapay or paypal.